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Airstop Timbertex Membrane

Airstop Timbertex membrane is a strong tear-proof, airtight vapour control barrier for diffusion open roof and wall make-ups.

This membrane protects the structure by ensuring a controlled/regulated diffusion of water vapour through the thermal insulation. It’s Sd Value of 10 is ideal for all moisture diffusive wall and roof make-ups. Airstop Timbertex is strong, soft to the touch and pliable, making it quick and easy to install. It’s strength makes it also suitable for blown-in insulations.

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Airstop Diva Vapour Barrier

Airstop Diva is a moisture-variable vapour barrier for use in the air-tight layer. Airstop Diva reacts to ambient humidity. In a dry-room climate normally during the winter months the sd-value rises to 5m.​

​When there is sufficient insolation (solar radiation energy received on the surface of the roof or wall surface generally outside) the moisture behind the vapour barrier increases and the sd-value sinks to 0.3m. This enables a high degree of drying out, by allowing the moisture to pass through the membrane towards the inside of the structure. Particularly important on water tight flat roof construction.


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AluVap Vapour Barrier

AluVap is a range of thermo-reflective* reinforced vapour barriers incorporating aluminium foil for maximising energy efficiency. The reflective foil surface improves the insulation characteristics of the installation by reflecting heat back into the building. 90g and 150g available, with the 150g product being extra durable.


*As with all metallised membranes or membranes with an aluminium surface, to achieve thermal reflection an air space is required, and must be “of uniform thickness bounded by plane, smooth, parallel surfaces with no air leakage to or from the space”.


Data Sheet

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