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Airstop Aluvap Reflective  Vapour Barrier

Airstop Aluvap Reflective Vapour Barrier

£110.00 Regular Price
£99.00Sale Price
AluVap Vapour Barrier is a range of thermo-reflective* reinforced vapour barriers incorporating aluminium foil for maximising energy efficiency. The reflective foil surface improves the insulation characteristics of the installation by reflecting heat back into the building. 90g and 150g available, with the 150g product being extra durable.

* As with all metallised membranes or membranes with an aluminium surface, to achieve thermal reflection an air space is required, and must be “of uniform thickness bounded by plane, smooth, parallel surfaces with no air leakage to or from the space”.

Air-Sealing with:
• Airstop Flex Airtight Tape
• Airstop Elasto Airtight Tape
• Airstop Joint Paste
  • Details

    • For use on interior walls, roof and ceilings
    • Airtight vapour block layer for all timber, steel roof & wall make-ups
    • Use on underside of warm roof make-ups, where insulation is applied between the rafters
    • Use on underside of rafters at ceiling level, such as in cold roof make-up
    • For non-diffusive wall and roof make-ups the use of our Airstop DIVA Forte intelligent/variable membrane can also be considered.
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