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Airstop Diva Forte Variable/Intelligent Membrane

Airstop Diva Forte Variable/Intelligent Membrane

Airstop Diva Forte reacts to ambient humidity. During the winter months the pores of the membrane decrease in size, preventing hot, moist, heated air from passing through the membrane into the insulation, therefore ensuring the effectiveness of the insulation and protecting your structure from damage due to excessive moisture. During the summer months (drying-out months), due to ambient humidity and temperatures, the pores of the membrane increase in size, therefore allowing any potential moisture within the structure, to dry back out towards the inside of the dwelling, hence preventing possible mould and rot within the structure. This process is crucial for exterior elements which
are non-vapour diffusing or restrict the drying out of moisture to the exterior, such as felt-torched or water
proofed flat roofs, pitched roofs with asphalt shingles,
and green roofs. The variable vapour permeability ( ) of Airstop Diva ranges from 0.2 to 20, offering the highest protection against moisture related damages on the market.
  • Details

    • Transparent
    • Moisture-variable
    • Flat roofs
    • Construction components in new constructions & refurbishment with impermeable outer shell
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