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​Airstop's comprehensive range offer solutions for achieving airtightness & wind-
tightness in every type of build. We are proud to be supplying airtight tapes, membranes and sealants into the British Isles for almost a decade. Airstop airtight products are the preferred choice for many private individuals and companies alike, including some of the UK's best known national house builders. 

Our products are widely used across the British Isles helping builders to achieve some of the best results in the industry.

Airstop has worked with some milestown projects such as the first passive house in London, the first carbon neutral home in Northern Ireland, the second certified passive house in Ireland, and the first open diffusion timber frame home in Jersey.

Airstop is widely used by professional builders across the current Irish school building program. Our products are the preferred choice for many builders across Europe, and are fast becoming the number one choice for the informed builder across the British Isles.

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