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IsoWindow Foam

IsoWindow Foam

£21.95 Regular Price
£18.99Sale Price
Airstop Foam is a specially formulated high density open cell PU foam. Designed primarily for use around window frame openings. Ideal for sealing difficult areas such as pipe penetrations and irregular shaped openings. Sealing of construction details with high movement, while achieving an airtight, rain resistant and permeable seal. Bonds well with all conventional construction materials, such as concrete, brickwork, wood, metal, plastic, rigid PVC, PE, etc.. Resistant to heat, water and numerous other chemicals. Airstop
Foam is considerably denser than other non-airtight foams available on the market. Due to the composition of Airstop Foam, better insulating properties are achieved then other PU foams. Around window and door openings, it should ideally be used with Airstop window tapes to achieve professional results and higher performance and air-tightness. Due to its open diffusion cell structure, it can be safely used around timber frames and timber elements, such as rafters.
  • Details

    • Free from CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs
    • Absorbs 300 times more movement than normal PU-foam
    • Sound and heat insulation
    • For airtight joints
    • Easily cut
    • Vapour permeable
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