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Isocell Airstop Flex Tape

Isocell Airstop Flex Tape

Airstop Flex Adhesive Tape is slightly expandable, tear-resistant. This is probably the best tape available in its category on the market, extremely versatile in its use, easy to work with, comfortable to the touch, and highly suitable for a range of applications. Can be used on membranes, wood, wood fibre, EPS, XPS, plywood, OSB, concrete, steel, inside and out. We recommend Bubi LF Bonding Primer for the preparation of porous surfaces.
  • Details

    • Adhesion of vapour retarders & airtight layers
    • For adhesion to masonry use Bubi LF Bonding Primer if necessary. No primer necessary on non-porous, dry & dust free substrates
    • Joints of wood, OSB & DWD (wood fibre board) panels, metals, indoors & outdoors
    • Joint connections up to the higher standards of ÖNORM B 5320 & DIN 410 achievable
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