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Airstop Elasto

Airstop Elasto

Isocell Airstop Elasto Adhesive Tape is slightly expandable, suitable for many areas including vapour retarders, barriers, OSB, DWD panels, wood, masonry and metal, indoors and outdoors. Prime masonry with Isocell Bubi LF Bonding Primer if necessary. Due to its malleability it is suitable for around small pipe and wire penetrations.
  • Details

    • Adhesion of vapour retarders & barriers
    • Joints of OSB & DWD panels, indoors & outdoors
    • Joint and connections with wood, masonry & metal
    • For adhesion to masonry use a primer if necessary
    • High proportion of adhesive
    • Slightly expandable (necessary when there is movement in the construction component)
    • Adapts to the texture of the surface, i.e. better adhesion on surfaces that are not smooth, such as OSB
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