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Airstop Adhesive Tape

Airstop Adhesive Tape

Airstop Adhesive Tape is a tear-resistant tape with adhesive generously applied and is suitable for a variety of bonding applications, indoors and out. It is a semi-rigid tape suitable for applying to straight joints, along substrates such as plywood, OSB and membranes. Its reinforced make-up makes it resistant to tearing. If you require the tape to be plastered or painted over, then please use our Airstop Flex Tape.
  • Details

    • Adhesion of vapour retarders & airtight layers
    • Joints of OSB & DWD (wood fibre board) panels, indoors & outdoors
    • Joints & connections with wood, OSB, metal
    • For adhesion to masonry use a primer if necessary
    • Joint connections to the higher standards of ÖNORM B 5320 & DIN 4108-7 are possible
    • 30 year resistance to ageing
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