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Airstop Adhesive Paste

Airstop Adhesive Paste

Isocell Airstop Adhesive Paste has great adhesion to a broad spectrum of substrates including: wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals, as well as all membranes and foils as used for achieving air and wind-tightness or vapour control (with the exception of a swimming pool environment). It has an impressive resistance to freezing to -30°C and is workable from -5°C. No priming required. Isocell Airstop Adhesive Paste can be adhered to initially after applying. There is no need for clamping battens as with some adhesives. Creates a permanently elastic seal, and can be used as an adhesive to adhere window tapes to block work and other porous substrates. Used for installation of windows and doors in accordance with the higher Austrian standard of ÖNORM B 5320 and/or DIN 4108-7.
  • Details

    • Free from solvents
    • Particularly good initial adhesion
    • Resistant to freezing to -30°C & workable from -5°C
    • No mechanical pressure need be applied
    • Non-drip
    • Adhesion also possible on absorbent materials
    • Wide spectrum of adhesion (wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals)
    • No priming required
    • Permanently elastic & resistant to moisture after curing
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